Nice experience

Malone P, Destin
As usual everyone is pleasant and very professional. I never doubt that I will be made comfortable and receive quality work. I am informed before the procedure is done and often asked if I am ok. I could not be more pleased with everyone at Dr. Broutin’s office.

girl laying down

Relax with Dental Sedation

Making Any Dental Procedure Painless in Niceville, Destin and Crestview

Here at Bluewater Bay Dental we do everything we can to make sure our patients never, ever feel nervous about coming to see us. But even with our gentle touch and serene atmosphere, some patients need a little something more to help them relax.

That’s why we offer the luxurious restfulness of sedation dentistry.

Studies show that when the body is relaxed as it is during sedation dentistry, dental treatments can be more effective. Sedation dentistry dramatically reduces the body’s natural tendency to tense muscles while stressed – numbing is more effective, you can sit through longer appointments or have multiple procedures completed in one visit and the gag reflex is diminished.

Fears simply seem to melt away!

Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is one of our most popular sedation techniques because it is fast and easy and causes very few side effects. Simply take the prescribed oral medication before your appointment and you will arrive feeling deeply relaxed and drowsy while still being able to speak and respond. Of course, it is crucial that you have someone transport you to and from the appointment.

IV Sedation

If you need oral surgery, suffer from extreme dental fears or need to schedule a lengthy appointment, we offer the deepest level of relaxation dentistry available right here in our office – IV sedation. Just sit down in our amazingly comfortable dental chair and fall asleep. When you wake, all your procedures will be completed!