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Wendy C, Niceville
I really appreciate that I don’t have to wait for my appointment. The staff is always cheery and helpful with any question I should have. Great office.

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Niceville Implant Supported Dentures

No More Slipping, Uncomfortable False Teeth!

You used to love to talk and smile and laugh; you used to love to eat out with friends; you used to enjoy every minute of life to its fullest. Now, you feel so unattractive and uncomfortable when you eat or laugh, you’d rather just stay home. You have lost your smile and you are embarrassed about your dentures.

In fact, just hearing the word ‘dentures’ brings images of teeth in a glass; embarrassing moments while eating and the unattractive, ill-fitting look of false teeth.

Worse, over time, dentures cause the jawbone to wear and whither away.

Helping people find comfort and relief that not only feels great, but looks great too, is one of the reasons Dr. Olivier Broutin chose dentistry as his profession in the first place. During his years of postgraduate study and continuing education, he discovered that one of the most effective ways to do this is with implant-supported dentures.

The real benefit of implant supported dentures comes from the implants that hold them. Implants are small Titanium posts placed into the bone to replace the roots of missing teeth. Once the implant posts are in place, Dr. Broutin will create a set of dentures that fit you and your facial structure perfectly. They are the proper length for balance and support of your face and bite and will simply snap onto the implant posts for an incredibly secure and natural fit – no adhesives required! Some patients feel their new dentures have taken years off their appearance.

Why wait another day? Get back to enjoying life with a big, secure, natural looking smile.