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Dental Implants for a Smile That Works – All Day. All Night!

Perfectly Natural, Perfectly Functional, Perfectly You

You’ll never forget that tumble off your bike that knocked your front tooth out. You feel as if you may never recover from the accident that wrecked both your car and your smile. You wish you hadn’t drunk all those colas in college to stay awake while studying. Whatever the cause, losing a tooth is emotionally and physically traumatic.

Unfortunately, the trauma to your facial structure doesn’t end with the loss of the tooth. Without the support of the tooth’s root, the bone beneath your teeth begins to deteriorate.

The sad truth is that 25 percent of your bone mass is lost in the very first year after an extraction! This bone is so essential to the structure and balance of your smile and your face, that without it, your lips will look thinner, your nose longer, you will lose more teeth and will very likely develop TMJ disorder.

Dr. Olivier Broutin can help with the amazing advances of implant dentistry and dental implants.

What Exactly Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a relatively simple innovation. A Titanium post is inserted into the bone where the tooth’s root used to be. Because Titanium is biocompatible, it becomes one with the bone and essentially becomes a part of your mouth – just the way the tooth root was. This keeps the bone living and stimulated, prevents further tooth loss and keeps your face youthfully supported.

Types of Implant Dentistry

Traditional dental implants are placed directly into your jawbone and eventually fuse to it over time, thus strengthening it. Dental implant alternatives usually sit on the jawbone instead, causing teeth to shift and your face to collapse, even if you just have one missing tooth. Fortunately, implant dentistry can address everything from one missing tooth to missing all your teeth. Here is a breakdown of each type:

  • One tooth – The simplest form of implant dentistry, this replaces one tooth via a dental implant and a custom-made, natural-looking crown.
  • Multiple teeth – If you have multiple missing teeth that are next to each other, you’ll usually receive a fixed bridge that’s supported with two dental implants. This ensures a proper fit while maintaining jaw stimulation.
  • All teeth – There are multiple implant options available for people missing all of their teeth. You can get a form of an extended bridge, multiple implants and bridges or an innovative procedure like All-on-4, which replaces all of your teeth using four secure dental implants.

Even if you don’t think your mouth isn’t healthy enough or there isn’t enough bone to support dental implants, there are ways around it. Practically everyone is a candidate for implant dentistry.

CT Scans for Precision Implant Placement

Your jaw, teeth and bones have very individual characteristics. We use CT Scans for precise measurement and 3D visualization to help us fully understand the structure of your head and jaw, locate the best bone structure, check for bone loss and choose the ideal implant placement sites.

Because they are so safe and successful, dental implants are a compelling option for patients of almost any age – a perfect way to regain your smile, your confidence and your life!

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