Colleen K, Destin
Excellent service. Everyone was very friendly & helpful. I like the fact that Dr. Broutin takes the time to explain everything to me. I also like the fact that Dr. Broutin is highly skilled & experienced as a dentist.

Zoom! Whitening for the Ultimate Destin Dazzle

Wow! That’s White!

A beautiful white smile makes you look more alert, refreshed and youthful. We are a pioneer in the whitening process with our Zoom! In-office Advanced Power Tooth Whitening system. With it you can have a dramatically whiter smile in about an hour!

It’s true! So much more effective than over-the-counter tooth whitening, Zoom can take your teeth from dull to dazzling in one visit.

Go ahead – treat yourself to confidence. It’s a great way to prepare for a wedding, a reunion, a job interview or just as a pick-me-up.

To keep your teeth their whitest after professional tooth whitening, we offer NiteWhite, a take home whitening kit that will help remove stains or darkening that occur after your initial tooth bleaching.

We will create custom molds to hold the special tooth whitening gel comfortably and securely against your teeth. Just pop them in your mouth to whiten in the car, in your office or while you are relaxing at home. It helps your smile stay white and dazzling longer!