Charlotte B, Valparaiso
I feel my teeth (and gums) have improved since I first began coming to Dr Broutin in December of last year. Sandra has done a very good job of cleaning my teeth and stressing the importance of good dental care.

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Compassionate Full-Mouth Restorations for Any Need

Bringing Niceville Smiles Back to Life!

Revitalizing. Refreshing. Restorative – it’s a full-mouth restoration from Dr. Olivier Broutin!

Every full-mouth restoration is unique. And though we call full-mouth restorations by one name, they really are a collection of procedures, planned and designed together to bring your smile back to fully balanced function and beauty.

What a Full-Mouth Restoration Can Do for You

The processes and the results of the restorations are as individual as our patients.

  • Are your teeth worn and broken from TMJ disorder? We can fix that with porcelain dental crowns and veneers.
  • Do you have old silver-mercury fillings that might be affecting your health or damaging your teeth? We can replace them with tooth colored fillings, porcelain inlays or onlays, or crowns.
  • Are your teeth crooked, gapped or out of balance? We can help align your smile with Invisalign clear braces.
  • Are you missing a tooth or teeth? We can replace them with the natural function, comfort and beauty of dental implants.
  • Do you have old bridgework or dentures that are causing your bone to deteriorate and your face to collapse? We can stop further bone loss and give you renewed freedom with dental implants.
  • Do you have chronic headaches or jaw pain? We can offer relief with our neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ treatments.
  • Are you nervous about having multiple problems dealt with at once? We can help you relax and rest with sedation dentistry.

Whatever you need, we will look at your mouth and body as a whole while we repair damage, restore your smile and balance your bite.

Your smile will look and feel young and healthy again!