Charlotte B, Valparaiso
I feel my teeth (and gums) have improved since I first began coming to Dr Broutin in December of last year. Sandra has done a very good job of cleaning my teeth and stressing the importance of good dental care.

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Artful Dental Bonding

Reshaping and Refinishing Niceville’s Smiles

Cosmetic tooth bonding with naturally colored bonding material is another fast and economical way to perfect and correct your smile in one convenient visit.

If you have minor flaws or discoloration such as a chipped or cracked tooth that doesn’t really warrant porcelain veneers, we can artfully reshape and finish your tooth with dental bonding’s conservative restoration methods. And because Dr. Broutin is an excellent artist, you can be sure that any tooth bonding will look naturally beautiful and integrate perfectly in your smile.

The procedure is simple – we apply a composite material that has been blended and shaded to perfectly match your teeth. The bonding material is then shaped and sculpted. Once the desired shape is achieved, we harden the tooth bonding material and polish it to a fine luster. Dr. Broutin is not only a master dentist, he is also an artist and craftsman at heart so you can be sure that the color and detail of your bonded tooth will be matched to your surrounding teeth with extreme precision.

Find your ideal smile quickly and easily with Bluewater Bay Dental tooth bonding.