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I have been going to Dr. Broutin and his staff for well over ten years and have always been pleased with their service. Highly recommended.

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Pure Porcelain Dental Crowns

Helping Destin Repair, Strengthen & Protect

You know that it is a mistake to munch on popcorn without watching out for kernels or to chew ice on a hot summer day. You know you aren’t supposed to clench your teeth. And you definitely understand that you aren’t supposed to use your teeth as tools.

Yet, on occasion, we all find ourselves doing the wrong things to or with our teeth. And sometimes, those mistakes lead to disaster. Though a broken or worn down tooth can feel devastating and even make eating difficult, we can help.

Dr. Broutin’s beautiful porcelain dental crowns can help bring your smile back to life!

Because we use the newest technology and the very best materials, even the most damaged or broken molar can be saved with pure porcelain tooth crowns while keeping your smile looking so good and so natural, no one will know you have had any work done at all.

Crown and Bridge Restorations

Though Dr. Broutin always prefers the innovative comfort and bone saving support of dental implants, we offer cosmetically designed dental crown and bridge tooth replacements as well. They keep your remaining teeth from shifting and keep you looking better and feeling better, too.

in addition to more traditional crown and bridge restorations, we can also create a bridge that is supported by implant posts instead of crowns. This type of bridge will look great, feel comfortable and prevent the bone loss that starts occurring the moment a tooth is lost or extracted.

It’s just another way we keep your smile comfortable and whole!