Dental Implant

Mark A, Valparaiso
The procedure went very smoothly with no pain, and with very little discomfort following the procedure. Dr. Broutin showed me an X-ray of the implant in place and it looked just perfect. Highly recommended.

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Smileology-Bluewater Bay Dental Information, Financing and Paperwork

Always Convenient. Always Affordable.

Because we are always striving to make your dental experience as convenient as possible, we have computers in every treatment room, a wide range of financing options and now you can even download and prepare your patient forms before you come to our office.

What could be easier?

Pampering… at the Dental Office??!

Believe It! At Smileology-Bluewater Bay Dental in Niceville!

Did you know that there are dental chairs so comfortable that people often fall asleep in them during dental work?

At Bluewater Bay Dental there are. These chairs are just part of the comforting services offered by Dr. Broutin and his team to make every dental visit a pleasurable and invigorating experience.

In fact, we make your comfort preferences part of your patient chart! Who ever thought dentistry could be so pampering?