Broken tooth emergency

Ben J, Niceville
Quick response appointment that must have disrupted the office schedule; I was not aware or made to feel as if it was an interruption. The care was excellent with extensive repair required, and for the first time ever, there was no pain – and I’m 66 years old with many, many dental visits.

happy older couple

Periodontal Treatments for a Healthier Body

Keeping Niceville Healthy from Head to Toe

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Are they red or swollen? Don’t wait! See Bluewater Bay Dental right way for advanced periodontal therapy! Why?Respected medical studies have proven that the bacteria from gum infections are directly linked with such health problems as heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications, cancers – especially pancreatic – and problems during pregnancy, among other things. In other words, the bacteria present in your mouth during gum disease can make you very sick! More than 95 percent of people have some level of periodontal or gum disease – and it is hereditary!

Periodontal Treatments

We use the latest laser technology for comfortable yet powerful scaling and cleaning. Our state-of-the-art scaler also offers us the ultimate in precision because of its fiber-optic illumination for enhanced visibility. Better yet, we use lasers as an adjunct to scaling and root planing to improve the effectiveness of these procedures and to completely sterilize the periodontal area, discouraging the re-growth of bacteria. Once your gums have been thoroughly cleaned and treated, we can apply Arrestin®, an antibiotic that stays in place and releases antibiotic microspheres for up to ten days of concentrated and targeted treatment. Because bone loss can be a major side effect of periodontal disease, we use our 3-dimensional Computer Tomography (CT) scans to track bone loss progression and create models that help us plan your treatment. We’ll have your gums, bones and body healthy in no time!