Replace 2 Metal Fillings

Helen C, Niceville
I had an appointment to replace two old metal fillings. The staff is both friendly and competent from the time you walk in the door. They are cheerful, reassuring, professional and work well together. I have never had a significant wait time and most times am taken early or on time. The doctor and staff make going to the Dentist office easy and painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Broutin and his staff to anyone looking for a dentist.

Girl brushing teeth

Better Health through Dental Hygiene

It’s Destin’s Unstoppable Freshness!

Your regularly scheduled hygiene visits do much more than keeping your teeth and mouth clean and healthy – they can help keep your whole body healthy too!

Even if you take perfect care of your teeth at home, some sticky plaque builds up and turns into calculus or tartar. This hard, mineralized layer holds dangerous bacteria close to your gums. It makes your smile look discolored and your teeth feel dirty…and it can be dangerous to your health! It is a large contributor to gum disease and a major systemic hazard.

Our hygienists have the highest level of training and amazing skill. They also incorporate the latest technology into your routine hygiene for total comfort and effectiveness.

As part of our cleaning protocol, we use the Cavitron ultrasonic cleaner to clean your teeth above and below the gum line. The Cavitron uses sound waves to gently remove tartar from your teeth – so gently, in fact, that we can even use it for deep cleanings without administering any anesthetic at all.

You’ll leave your dental hygiene visit with a clean, bright smile and assurance that your body will be healthier too.

We are really proud of our dental hygienist. The care our patients receive from her is so good and so comfortable, that other dentists have tried to woo her away from us! Our patients love her too. Just listen to them go on!