Replace 2 Metal Fillings

Helen C, Niceville
I had an appointment to replace two old metal fillings. The staff is both friendly and competent from the time you walk in the door. They are cheerful, reassuring, professional and work well together. I have never had a significant wait time and most times am taken early or on time. The doctor and staff make going to the Dentist office easy and painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Broutin and his staff to anyone looking for a dentist.

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Invisalign Clear Braces

Keep Smiling Niceville!

Have your teeth shifted and suddenly, the teeth you felt so good about have become crooked and crowded? Do you dread the idea of wearing metal braces as an adult?

Bluewater Bay Dental can keep you from ever suffering through metal-mouth with Invisalign clear aligners.

Why Would I Need to Straighten My Teeth?

Crowded, crooked teeth are not only unattractive and uncomfortable, they could be bad for your health, causing problems from gum disease to TMJ disorder. Plaque buildup can increase because of difficulties with brushing and flossing and improper bite can even affect your ability to chew food properly, sometimes leading to gastrointestinal problems.

Don’t risk your health. Talk to us about straightening your smile today!

How Do Invisalign Invisible Braces Work?

Surprisingly, Invisalign’s clear aligners work almost exactly the way traditional braces do – they shift your teeth with consistent and balanced force to encourage teeth into their proper position. But function is where the similarities end. Traditional braces involve wires held in place by brackets cemented to your teeth. They are not removable and can limit what you eat and how you care for your teeth.

In contrast, Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic and can be removed when needed. Doesn’t that sound more comfortable?

Invisalign is precision crafted using 3-D computer technology to transform your bite impressions into a custom-made series of aligners, so you can be sure treatment is effective and beautiful.

Call today for a FREE consultation, and ask how you can receive $500 off of your Invisalign treatment!