Replacement of Crown

Joe N, Destin
Have you ever been flossing and a crown pops out? It happened to me last week. The crown just came right out with the floss. There was no pain but it did expose the underneath area. I called Bluewater Bay Dental and they said come right in. Dr. Broutin had me in and the crown repaired (he figured the old style glue finally stopped working) in under an hour.

happy man

Recontouring Gums and Teeth for Symmetry and Grace

Artistic Smiles in Niceville, Miramar Beach and Destin

Some smiles show too much gum. Other smiles are jagged and uneven. In either case, these conditions can cause a smile to look duller, smaller and more unbalanced than necessary.

The solution is simple – artistic reshaping!

Correcting a Gummy Smile

Gum overgrowth is quite common and can be caused by anything from heredity to the use of certain medications. When this gum tissue covers more of your teeth than is aesthetically pleasing, we will simply sculpt your gums to show more of the tooth surface.

Correcting an Uneven Tooth Line

If your teeth are uneven, your canines look longer than you’d like or you have chipped teeth you would like to be repaired, we can help with tooth recontouring. Tooth recontouring quickly and non-invasively smoothes and softens your smile by polishing away irregularities, sharp or rough spots and unevenness, and sculpting a flawless contour. Your teeth will look more youthful and perfected in one easy visit.